Many People Missed It, but Here’s the Oscars Moment That Proves Hollywood Is Full of Hypocrites

The 2018 Academy Awards were as highly politicized as everyone would’ve imagined.

Host Jimmy Kimmel slammed President Trump and VP Pence. Rapper Common sang an over-the-top song only social justice warriors could appreciate. And multiple actors voiced their support for far-left causes highlighting their ignorance.

One of the crazier parts many people missed was when former NBA player Kobe Bryant won an Oscar for a documentary titled, Dear Basketball.

You wouldn’t think Hollywood would be so eager to hand out a prestigious award to a man once accused of rape, then again, that’s liberal logic, for ya! Full of hypocrites.

From Downtrend:

The SJW slop continued to flow but it didn’t take long before the ugly head of Hollywood hypocrisy popped out.

Former NBA superstar and alleged rapist Kobe Bryant won an Oscar!

 Jezebel has the story of Bryant’s alleged rape from 2003:

It was as if there was no 2003, when a woman said that Bryant had raped her in his Colorado hotel room. The details of what the woman told police are worth going over, again, because so much of it has been lost to time. A woman who worked at the hotel, she was 19 at the time, showed him to his room and he asked her to come back later. She did. When she left the room, according to police records, a coworker saw her shaken and crying. Investigators later found out she had blood on her underwear. Her blood was on Bryant’s shirt too. She spoke to police, then watched as the criminal proceedings descended into what even the usually reserved New York Times described as having “veered from melodrama to farce.” Everything from her sexual history to her mental health was game, for both reporters and sports fans.

How did Bryant’s legal team defeat her? Using the same legal strategies as always—naming and shaming. From Lindsay Gibbs in ThinkProgress on the case and its legacy.

The preliminary hearing in October 2003 was supposed to merely be a chance for the judge to decide whether there was enough evidence to require a trial. But Bryant’s attorney, Pamela Mackey, used it as a chance to smear the alleged victim’s reputation.


Not only did Mackey use the alleged victim’s name a staggering six times during the hearing, but when she was presented with the woman’s vaginal injuries, Mackey used the victim’s sexual history against her. The high-powered lawyer brought the hearing to a screeching halt, asking, “Could it be that [the alleged victim’s] injuries were caused by having sex with three men in three days?”

As Shapiro wrote in his book, Mackey’s tactic was an effective one, because that became the story of the day, and not the evidence displayed by Deputy District Attorney Gregg Crittenden and Eagle County Sheriff’s Detective Doug Winters.

The woman eventually said she would not testify—no surprise given what had happened to her entire life since first saying that Bryant had raped her—ending the criminal case. Bryant settled with the woman instead of defending himself in a civil lawsuit. He then went on to have what is widely considered a glorious NBA career, made a ton of money, and had his own official day in the city of Los Angeles. He even got to keep his wife. It’s as if nothing happened.

Pick a lane, Hollywood.

Either you’re against sexual predators or you hand them awards. It’s not a tough decision to make.

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]