It Appears Pornstar Kacey Jordan told Mainstream Media that an HIV-Positive Major Hollywood Actor Slept With 50 Pornstars

Image from Daveney Nicole' aka Kacey Jordan's instagram (left) and Image from Daily Mail article (right). Same shirt, same hair, same girl. Why hide?

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:  I’ve never met Kacey Jordan, but we have a few mutual acquaintances.  I must say, she’s either an undiagnosed case of autism or a self promotional genius – I’m not quite certain as to which…

This early afternoon I took note that Xbiz picked up a story initially reported on the about an “unnamed pornstar” telling all in regards to some allegedly HIV positive mainstream Hollywood actor who’s been having unprotected sex with pornstars who work double duty as illegal prostitutes.  One look at the photos included in the initial DailyMail article and I knew right away that the girl in the photos was Kacey Jordan aka Daveney Nicole (ya know – the girl who went on Howard Stern and told all about Charlie Sheen).

Lately Kacey / Daveney has been talking quite a bit on her twitter about outing her client base… Just about a week ago she posted some distressing tweets about how one of her clients in Houston, Tx allegedly nearly killed her.

It’s amazing to me how Kacey / Daveney is still alive after all these years considering the lifestyle she’s led and the secrets she’s told… It seems that as of about 11am PST Kacey / Daveney has made her twitter account @daveneynicole private – why bother at this stage in the game girl? You wanted attention so now you got it.

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EXCLUSIVE: Porn star who had sex with Hollywood actor secretly battling HIV fears epidemic as she reveals he has slept with at least 50 ‘adult actresses’ AND transsexuals

  • Rumors are rampant that a major Hollywood star has been diagnosed as HIV positive 
  • A 27-year-old porn star, who had sex with the unnamed actor, spoke to Daily Mail Online exclusively
  • She fears he may have infected dozens of women – although she was tested and got the all clear 
  • The actor reportedly has a long list of celebrity exes  including an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a model
  • The man – whose identity is not being revealed – may face possible legal action from several women

Daveney Nicole aka Kacey Jordan's recent RoseGold manicure via her Instagram (left) and the same nail color / hands in the Daily Mail article (right)

A porn star who had sex with the Hollywood superstar believed to be secretly battling HIV has told how she fears the actor may spiral out of control as he struggles to come to terms with the devastating diagnosis.

The adult actress believes the playboy may have infected dozens of women – and is worried he could turn to drugs to overcome the immense guilt.

She claims the lothario has slept with at least 50 porn stars over the past few years and fears the porn industry could face a ‘HIV epidemic’ as a result.

Kacey Jordan aka Daveney Nicole's IAFD profile - she is 27 years old as is the actress in the Daily Mail article. Surprise surprise...

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online, the 27-year-old, who we are not naming and was recently tested herself and received the all-clear, told how four successful porn stars who had sex with the actor in recent years have disappeared from the porn film business – and she fears this may be because they contracted HIV.

She also revealed how the Hollywood star – whose identity is not being revealed – has been regularly sleeping with transsexuals – as well as porn actresses.

The blonde, who ended up pregnant by the unnamed superstar, met him at a drug-fueled party in 2011. She was one of five porn stars at the party.

The man’s identity has not been revealed (file photo of another person’s silhouette)

Kacey Jordan aka Daveney Calhoun sure loves this shirt... Check out her instagram

Once the other women left, she went to his bedroom to have protected sex – but the contraception failed.

Knowing how promiscuous the star was, she feared she may have contracted something and got tested straight away – but was given the all-clear.

‘We just had regular sex but there was a condom slip – that’s the reason I got pregnant,’ the woman, said.

‘I was pregnant and then had an abortion so obviously his DNA was in me but that was almost five years ago.

‘I’ve been tested lots and shooting porn since then but I’m still going to get retested.

Recent tweets by Kacey Jordan aka Daveney Calhoun about almost getting killed by one of her recent clients / sugardaddy's in Texas

‘I’ve had plenty of tests in the past few years so I have no worries that I have contracted something but I do worry for the girls I do know.

‘There’s a lot of girls that I know personally – that have been seeing him over the past two years.

‘The funny thing is there’s four girls that have been seeing him that have stopped shooting porn recently.

‘I think they might have contracted HIV but obviously I’m not going to go and ask them and they would never admit it – it’s not something you want to tell people.’

The porn actress said the news of the diagnosis has sent shockwaves across the adult industry.

The rumor was reported in The Sun which claimed the actor’s list of exes includes an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a model.

More recent tweets by Kacey Jordan aka Daveney Calhoun about almost getting killed by one of her recent clients / sugardaddy's in Texas

A similar article appeared in Radar Online, which claimed the star is preparing for legal action by women who say he put them at risk.

And the internet has exploded with rumor and gossip about the identity of the infected actor.

The porn star told how she is particularly nervous about shooting her next porn film next week in case she has to shoot scenes with an actress who may have slept with the star.

‘I know lots of girls who are worried right now that they might have contracted it,’ she said.

‘And the thing is I’m now nervous because I have shot in the last couple of months so think about it – if he’s been seeing porn girls in the past couple of months and they’re shooting right now it could start an epidemic in this industry.

‘I have a shoot on Monday I’m really nervous now because I’m going to be shooting with girls who might have seen him in this time, girls that I don’t know.’

‘I would guess he has slept with about 50 porn stars or less over the past few years – only because I know he has a lot of repeats.

‘He is bisexual too – he would pay girls to bring him transsexuals to have sex with.

‘He’d have a girl bring three at a time because if he didn’t like them he wanted to have a choice.’

The actress says she wasn’t surprised when she heard the actor had contracted HIV.

‘It’s not shocking to me but it’s scary because now I’m nervous to shoot,’ she said, adding that it’s now ‘common knowledge’ in the porn industry that the star has tested HIV positive – and may have even had the virus for the past two years.

She is now worried how the actor will cope with the devastating diagnosis and fears it could send him over the edge.

‘From what I know of him personally he was the kindest, most giving person but he can also be crazy.

‘I think this will send him on a downward spiral because of the fact he needs his girls.

‘He wants his people, he wants to keep hiring us but who will want to have sex with him now?

‘But for most girls no way.’

‘The actress said she believes the star would have used protection with the women he has slept with – whether or not he knew he was HIV positive – but she couldn’t know for sure.

And she is worried that other women may have had a contraception malfunction like she did.

The porn actress said she wasn’t sure how the famous actor would deal with the public interest in his diagnosis – and also the repercussion from anybody he may have infected.

‘I think he might deny it all the way, but at some point it’s going to be public record.

‘I think if any girls have contracted it they’re going to sue him.

‘I mean how angry would you be – him withholding that information from you? I’m really interested to see if a girl will come forward.

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