Kris Jenner Negotiated Million Dollar Contract for Kim's Sextape? Caitlyn Jenner was Totally Against It?

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Before you read this post, be sure to review my most recent post “Twitter account ‘Vivid Rape’ claims Stefanie Morgan was RAPED by Bill Asher & Steve Hirsch covered it up”.

It appears that model and expornstar Stefanie Morgan (who was once a Vivid contract girl) is a very important person at this moment in time, considering that according to the twitter account @VividRape, she is a key witness to much of the Vivid Corporation business dealings (namely the sextape deals).

Keep in mind, Stefanie Morgan at one time LIVED William (Bill) Asher – Steve Hirsch of Vivid’s business partner.

According to twitter account @VividRape, Kris Jenner was in negotiations with Steve Hirsch to sell her daughter’s sextape for $1 million.  If that’s true, the means that the sextape of Kim Kardashian and Ray J was NEVER LEAKED. It was SOLD (or should I say “pimped”) by her mother.  In addition, it seems that Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn Jenner, was totally opposed to the idea…

@VividRape’s claims actually corroborate what Kris Humphries claimed in 2012 about Kris Jenner telling Kim to film the sextape….

So in summary, Kris Jenner “pimped out” her own daughter, Kim and had her make a sextape, then negotiated the deal with Steve Hirsch? That’s what it seems Stephanie Morgan knows…

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If all this leaked information is indeed true, it’s rather ironic that the pornographic industry has habitually given ex-pornstar / current anti-porn activist Diana aka Desi Foxx of such a hard time.  Free Speech Coalition attached stalkers habitually have stated that Diana “pimped her daughter” as though it’s something the porn industry doesn’t condone (Vivid Entertainment Corp. belongs to the Free Speech Coalition.  Steve Hirsch’s sister Marci Hirsch is a board member).

Mothers being involved in their pornstar daughter’s careers actually seems to be the norm (and acceptable) in the pornographic industry considering a recent interview with Misty Stone.

In addition pornstar Sunny Lane’s parents were involved with her career as BOTH a pornstar and legal prostitute…plus there’s a mother and daughter porn duo as of current known as the Sexxxtons who are quite popular.

Twitter account @Vividrape outlining alleged details about Kris Jenner negotiating a sale of her daughter Kim Kardashian's sextape to Vivid

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Stefanie Morgan was living with Vivid business partner William (Bill Asher) when alleged sextape negotiations took place