CHANNEL4: 'Real Sex' Sex Education for the Masses – Putting Fantasy Versus Reality to the Test – AMEN!

EDITORIAL: We all know that awareness changes the way people look at things. After all, that’s why knowledge is power, right?

Porn Valley has gotten as big and evil as they have because our media and government have protected and promoted them as simply nice business guys from another arm of innocent entertainment. They promote a porn career as a real job instead of being pimped out by the organized crime family as it really happens. They are predatory criminals who publicly refuse to follow any American law or even basic laws of humanity that have been agreed upon by the entire World. And our current government protects them!

Of course, as we began to realize that our entertainment industries and media were really just ‘kissing cousins’ (literally) of this dysfunctional pimping family, they became comfortable enough to introduce us to the most twisted of their creepy, perverted relations. You know, those relatives you normally keep locked away in the basement except their basement is actually Satan’s Playground and there’s a neverending invitation for you all to go there and play. The Price of Admission is only Your Soul!

If the media would address all major issues pertaining to America today, by providing our citizens with both sides of the story, a 50/50 comparison each and every time, our entire World would be a different place with the majority of people very different than who they currently are now. Whenever only one side of an issue is presented and only one side of a story supported, people will always choose wrong. How can one possibly choose the right choice when that option doesn’t even exist to them thanks to suppression of truths and facts in America?

I love this idea. Messages can be subtle as long as they are clear and consistent. US media purposely waters issues down so much, they drown and disappear below the surface and only the entertainment industries hyper-sexualized, idiotic brainwashing comes through even on PSAs they make, for pete’s sake.

Great Job once again, UK and Britain. You have begun the process of healing your people’s sexuality. God Bless You!

Hopefully, one day, our US baby boomers will grow up and then maybe we can actually begin to teach our people about having choices again too. Until then, we can only watch your progress with glorious envy 😉


If any worried parents out there really wanted to stop their kids watching porn, they could do a lot worse than let them stay up to watch Moby Longinotto’s subtle but ultimately disturbing film about three UK porn consumers meeting their idols in LA. Kevin, 20, Jonathan, 40, and Danny, 23, all began using pornography in their teens, and are experiencing varying degrees of physical, emotional and developmental problems caused by the yawning chasm between fantasy and reality.

Longinotto puts together a series of events and meetings geared at making the men think not just about the objects of their desire as real people, but about the wider industry in general and, in particular, aspects such as coercion, physical pain, drug use and moral boundaries – in short, humanity vs commodity.

Initially they’re resistant and refuse to emotionally engage in such troubling things as live online sex shows that go on for hours despite the women’s clear exhaustion – after all, they’ve invested years in their addiction, and are unwilling to acknowledge the obvious seamier sides of it – but slowly, their attitudes begin to change. It’s not an easy watch, but it is an insightful, intelligent one, seemingly offering some real clues as to how porn addiction could be tackled.


Series of Programmes Set to Investigate How Pornography Affects British Sex Lives

In a series of programmes you won’t want to watch with your parents/husbands/wives/children, Channel 4 will explore how we interact with pornography, examining how it affects our lives in and out of the bedroom.

>One show called Date My Porn Star will see film-makers will take a trio of sex film fans to look into their views on the porn stars they meet, and also how the adult entertainment industry works. Channel 4 said it wanted to see “if it is possible for them to relate to the stars as fully-formed people or whether their porn obsession has fundamentally altered their perception of the opposite sex”.

Also set to feature are documentaries about the effect on teenagers of being bombarded with sexual imagery and another which will help ordinary women to get more from their own sex lives. And another programme in the Real Sex Season, called The Week the Women Came, leading psychosexual therapist Trudy Hannington will try to improve sex lives for women who have struggled to orgasm or have lost their libido.

Former Loaded editor Martin Daubney will front another film – Porn On The Teenage Brain – to look at how young people are consuming explicit material and what effect it will have on their lives and how they relate to people. And in a documentary called Virgins, young people will discuss the pressures of embarking on a sexual relationship in a world where they are surrounded by images of waxed, enhanced bodies and where porn has become normalised.

Ralph Lee, head of factual at Channel 4 said: “The aim of this season is to get a healthy perspective on sex. We live in world where pornography, fantasy and fetish are being considered the norm by many and we want to be very un-British and talk about what really goes on in Britain’s bedrooms.”Expect plenty of awkward moments and guilty chuckles throughout the season.

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