Rihanna Tweet Shuts Down Thai Sex Show – What Was She Doing There Anyway??

EDITORIAL: Thailand has some of the worst sex tourism and trafficking in the World so what’s Rihanna doing partying at one of their sex clubs? Why were they watching sex shows which could very well be witnessing acts of sex slavery? They were obviously partying at a place that was participating in illegal sexual activity. These same activities would be illegal in America, no doubt, but they won’t get arrested in these countries where sex tourism runs rampant, where they can throw a bunch of money at corrupt officials to look the other way.

We know Porn Valley loves Brazil for their child sex slaves, tranny prostitutes and bestiality resorts. Is Thailand the US music industry’s choice of destination countries well known for similar deviant sex tourism tastes? Gotta wonder if human rights were violated for the personal entertainment of these US musicians a/k/a pimps, prostitutes and pornographers?

rihanna1Was Rihanna a participant in the sex act? Who took her there and why did they take her? How does a young woman accept these sexual perversions as normal? How does anyone accept these events as normal sexual expression? How does anyone really believe girls say “I can’t wait to grow up and do sexual things with razors, ping pong balls, birds and reptiles?” Wondering WHY there’s boys who say, “I want girls to do sexual things with razors, ping pong balls, birds and reptiles?” The fact that ANYONE thinks this stuff is normal says our World is in terrible, horrible shape!!

Wondering how anyone can watch someone else being sexually exploited and enjoy it like it’s just innocent entertainment instead of doing something to stop it?”

When you’re the pimps, predators and pornographers in the US entertainment industries being protected by the US government and THE ENTIRE WORLD’S border patrols, it seems to be no problem.

Yep. No problem at all!

(Photo: Samir Hussein, WireImage)

Olivia Barker, USA TODAY 11:48 a.m. EDT October 14, 2013

The provocative pop star is turning into an (inadvertent) crime fighter.

Oh, Rihanna. Your titillating tweets may put you in the headlines, but they’re also putting people in handcuffs.

It seems that when it comes to the pop star’s shenanigans, what happens in Thailand doesn’t stay in Thailand, as long as you post it on Twitter. Two weeks after her primate-cuddling Instagram photo led to the arrest of the two men who procured the hugely protected slow loris for her to snuggle, another Southeast Asian tweet has landed another local in trouble with the authorities — a sex show impresario from the island of Phuket.


A bar owner has been charged with obscenity and operating an entertainment venue without a permit as a result of a, um, particularly racy tweet of badgalriri’s, which referenced one of Thailand’s infamous attractions, the kind that involves naked women, live creatures (turtles, birds) and inanimate objects (razors, ping-pong balls).

“Authorities found out about this bar the morning after Rihanna tweeted about it, but we were not able to catch them violating the law until Saturday night,” local district chief Weera Kerdsirimongkon told the AP. “We had been waiting for them and finally caught them red-handed.”

The bar owner faces up to one month’s imprisonment and a fine of up to 60,000 baht ($1,900).