Dr. Phil Deletes Controversial Tweet: 'If a Girl is Drunk, Is it OK to Have Sex with Her?'

EDITORIAL: Dr. Phil, if you ask ANYONE that question face to face, most people, young or old, would say it was NOT okay to have sex with someone too drunk to consent but then they backpeddle on how one tells when someone’s too drunk. If that someone is passed out though, all (except true misogynists and sexual predators) believe it’s absolutely NOT okay. If we weren’t promoting an extreme “Hookup Culture“, our young men wouldn’t be trying to score, to add another notch to their belt, to brag about scoring stats over social media networks, with no regard to the person they penetrate.

I say penetrate because that’s all it is with a “Hookup” buddy. The “Hookup Culture” works to destroy intimacy. Intimacy is what makes sex truly explosive. Penetration without intimacy comes down to handling a basic physical urge like going to the bathroom. Nothing sexy or special about urinating right? We don’t expose ourselves to dangerous STDs and sexual violence for most basic urges either. “Hooking Up” is NOT sexy or special. Having a long list of sexual partners who you don’t even remember is the opposite of sexy and special. Instead, it’s sleezy and mundane. Our current culture has made sex a game to score points. It’s like grabbing a burger at a fast food joint instead sitting down for a fine dining experience. There’s no forming of connections with real people who have real feelings. The “Hookup Culture” helps to strip humanity from our most basic sexuality!

Why do we allow the ole “I didn’t know it was wrong to rape a passed out girl” defense when we all say we know it’s wrong? Why are we so afraid to mark a boy as a sexual predator or a rapist but we have absolutely no problem marking girls as whores and sluts?

Myself, I appreciate Dr. Phil approaching this subject and I do believe he would handle the topic responsibly. We need to make sure the answer to this question is a resounding 100% “NO” and I truly believe we aren’t there yet. We need media involvement. It takes our whole society to raise our nation’s youth!!

PARENTS: Look BOTH your sons AND your daughters in the eye and ask them this question. You may be surprised at what they say. When I ask others, I’ve found there’s a whole lot of victim blaming which means our system is not protecting those who are most vulnerable and those who have suffered from sexualized violence.

We all have to start talking about it!

Breitbart by Larry O’Connor 21 Aug 2013, 2:26 AM PDT

Dr. Phil finds himself in Twitter controversy after deleting tweet that causes stir:

Considering Dr. Phil hosts a talk show driven by lifestyle and relationship driven topics, it seems the subject matter is not necessarily out-of-bounds, but something about the phrasing of the question along with Dr. Phil’s smiling headshot on his eponymous Twitter account made the question come across pretty creepy.

Some thought he was asking his million-plus Twitter followers advice for a situation he found himself facing, personally:

While others were offended by the question because they believed Dr. Phil was rationalizing rape:


@DrPhil As a girl, I enjoy waking up and not knowing who penetrated me the night before. #teensaccused

— TJ Marston (@teej_12) August 20, 2013

Meanwhile, others just had fun making Dr. Phil the butt of their own, Twitter shenanigans:


Dr. Phil ended up deleting the Tweet, but we thank Twitter user @mirkinsane for saving a screen grab.
Dr. Phil has since deleted the tweet, but we thank Twitter user @Mirkinsane for saving a screen grab.