'Mila has to be Careful with Ashton. Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater' – NOT a Good Guy

Says SARA LEAL, who slept with Kutcher while he was married to Hollywood actress Demi Moore


Published: 15th February 2013

THE blonde who destroyed Ashton Kutcher’s marriage to Demi Moore last night warned he could cheat again on his new love Mila Kunis.

Sara Leal advised Mila not to trust the Two And A Half Men star — and apologised to Demi for the affair.

She said: “Once a cheater, always a cheater. If I were Mila I’d be careful, he doesn’t have the best track record. But she’s obviously willing to take that risk.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis at a basketball game

A match to watch … Mila and Ashton at a game of basketball

“If I was dating a guy that had cheated on his wife I would be a little suspicious. It would probably make me extra crazy and extra insecure. I’d definitely keep an eye out.

“That would be a red flag in my eyes, if I was dating somebody that cheated on their wife.”

It was in September 2011 that Sara slept with Ashton in a San Diego hotel room — on his sixth wedding anniversary, sparking the end of his marriage to Demi.

The 23-year-old Texas-born beauty claims he bedded her twice — and even wanted a threesome with her female friend.

Sara had been out drinking with girlfriends and met Ashton by chance as she headed to a pal’s room at the hotel.

It happened to be next to the actor’s lavish suite — and party girl Sara and her friends were invited in.



Sara Leal on her fling with Ashton Kutcher

WOMAN responsible for ending Demi Moore’s marriage to star warns Mila Kunis, he’ll always cheat

Inside there were 20 revellers knocking back vodka, beer, tequila and champagne, and part-time model Sara recalled seeing Ashton talking to around seven girls.

After downing shots, she said he invited them into the hot tub. She continued: “We didn’t have any swimsuits or anything.

“Ashton and I started looking around for towels then we ended up in the bathroom.

“The door was open, he came in after me. He walked up to me, stared at me and then we kissed.”

The pair climbed into the tub and frolicked with Sara’s pal Marta and a friend of Ashton’s — then another of Sara’s friends, Alexis, quizzed the actor about his marital status.

Sara said: “She started asking all these random questions. She was like, ‘Aren’t you married?’

“He said, ‘I’m separated.’ That’s when it first occurred to me as to whether he was married. I don’t really keep up with the status of celebrity couples.”

Ashton Kutcher and ex-wife Demi Moore

Break-up … Demi Moore filed for divorce from Ashton after 6 years of marriage

Later, Ashton, Sara and Marta headed to the bedroom. She recalled: “He was being affectionate towards me. We started kissing. I was sitting right next to Marta.

“He leaned over and kissed me, then he kissed her. We were sitting in a triangle on the bed. He kissed me first, then her.

“I’m sure he wanted to have a threesome — it was obvious he wasn’t opposed to it. He was kissing both of us. I don’t think any guy would mind having a threesome with two girls in his bed.”

The rest of Ashton’s hotel guests left at around 5am, leaving just Sara and her girlfriends.

She and Ashton enjoyed a spot of pillow talk before romping for two hours. She said: “We had sex twice and everything felt natural — we were having a good time.

“He was good — it wasn’t weird or perverted or creepy.”

The next morning Ashton appeared to have no regrets as he pulled open Sara’s bathrobe to inspect her body, then she left the hotel.

She said: “I kissed him goodbye and left at about 9am. I didn’t get his number.”

A year later, in September last year, Ashton went public about his relationship with 29-year-old Black Swan and Ted beauty Mila after he had been separated from Demi for almost a year.

The pair then spent a romantic Christmas together in Ashton’s home town, Cedar Rapids in Iowa.

But Sara questioned the timing of his new fling and said: “I’m sure after going through all of that, the last thing he wants is to be in a serious relationship.

“But maybe his previous marriage wasn’t right for him. So maybe this is better.”

She added: “I would hate for Mila to have the same experience as Demi. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

“I would just hope that she’s secure, and she seems a really smart girl. Everyone’s relationship is different so hopefully Ashton won’t cheat on her.

“Hopefully he learned his lesson.

“I think the fact that they were child actors together and friends before they dated is obviously a good thing.

“I think it’s possible that Ashton’s not dating Mila exclusively — obviously he’s cheated before.

“I’m sorry about what happened. I’m sorry to Demi — that’s a terrible situation and I’m sure it was really hard. It was never my intention, but that doesn’t make it OK.

“I’ve been cheated on so I know how terrible that feels. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to be cheated on by a husband and have it blow up in your face.

“My intention wasn’t to go out and ruin a marriage. I think Demi handled it in the best way she possibly could.”

Demi, 50, has struggled since the couple’s split — they were divorced in December — and she has been to rehab to cope with her heartbreak.

And Sara was candid when asked what she thought of the Indecent Proposal actress compared to Mila. She said: “Demi was more in the spotlight when I was growing up. I wasn’t really watching movies and stuff. I was watching cartoons still.

“I think Mila’s hotter, not just because she’s younger — I just think she’s really cute. I like Mila’s movies, I’m a fan.”

Looking back now, Sara criticised Ashton’s judgment for cheating on Demi on the night of their sixth wedding anniversary.

She said: “Cheating’s already bad enough but cheating on your wedding anniversary? That’s a little worse. I would feel terrible if that were me. I mean, who does that on their wedding anniversary?

“That’s the last thing you should be doing. We had both been drinking — it wasn’t a well thought-out plan. I had no idea it was his wedding anniversary — how am I supposed to know that?”

Sara also thinks the 15-year age gap between Demi and 35-year-old Ashton probably put a strain on their marriage.

She said: “I think the age thing is kind of an issue.

“The fact that Ashton and Mila are closer in age might be a little better for their relationship.

“I mean, Demi’s not your average 50-year-old and she looks great for her age. I’ve no idea why he did it. He didn’t talk about Demi at all.

“I think if you’re really in love with someone it would be impossible to cheat.”

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