Will Justin Bieber Pay a Price For Smoking Pot and Bad Behavior – Time for Sponsors to Choose a Better Role Model to Promote!!

published: 2013-01-07 19:34:50

Just hours after pictures emerged of the pop star holding a big fat joint, Justin Bieber delayed his concert on Saturday so he could spend time with a seven-year-old girl who was forced to sell her tickets to the gig when her leukemia reemerged. By all accounts, Justin and young Millie Flamm had a wonderful time together, and if nothing else, Saturday’s sequence of events illustrated what strange crosswords the Biebs is currently staring down.

Over the past few years, Bieber has cultivated a reputation for being a wholesome and loveable guy that works for all ages. He routinely makes appearances at hospitals and charities and goes out of his way to make sure his material is appropriate for everyone. For a long time, that outlook seemed natural, but over the past twelve months or so, that reputation has started getting tested. He was falsely accused of fathering a child. He started hanging out with a different crowd, and of course, he was caught smoking pot. On the one hand, it’s very normal for him to change. On the other hand, the less than wholesome new image could start costing him endorsement dollars and more conservative fans.

What do you think? Will Bieber’s pot smoking pictures have any affect on his career, or will everyone pretty much give him a free pass?